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D2R Podcast - Episode 20

February 27, 2013 @ 12:33 pm

Welcome to the all NEW & improved D2R Podcast; reformatted for our listeners pleasure. The major changes are that the show is only about an hour long now and will post on a weekly basis; every Wednesday, guaranteed!!

On today's show: Ryan & Jamie discuss the Oscar results, Daytona 500 & Danica Patrick, the NASCAR crash that injured several fans, Casey Anthony, Oscar Pistorius, the Pope's resignation, and The Walking Dead on AMC. Ryan features the song Thrift Shop in his music spotlight, Mikemac Masunas features the film Looper in his movie review, Jamie hits us with a joke and even Ryan throws out a quick 2-liner and the guys end the show with an interview with Dustin Harvey, world renowned & respected beer expert.

Enjoy the NEW & improved D2R Podcast!! Also check out the official D2R Podcast website!!

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D2R Podcast - Episode 19 (Ryan & Dr. O Show)

February 8, 2013 @ 8:23 am

In this first episode of the Ryan & Dr. O Show series, Ryan and Dr. Olivia Trudeau Psy.D answer a plethora of listener questions with logical & witty responses from Ryan and intelligent & clinical responses from Dr. O, all in an effort to educate the listeners. Questions and topics covered are poison control concern, winter mood swings, Super Bowl talk, suicide, Valentine's Day, bad hair cut, excessive video game usage, Beyonce & Rihanna, junk food habit, self mutilation, digestion difficulty, snake problem, rough sex, weird dreams, and flying with a pet carrier among other various topics. Enjoy this once-a-month show!!

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