Beer With Friends Podcast - Eleven Times

August 4, 2017 @ 7:36 pm

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents the Beer With Friends Podcast.

This podcast is intended for listeners 21+. Please drink responsibly and cheers!

On today's show: Eric is joined by Chuck, Dennis, Dustin, Tubby and producer Ryan.

The guys try Turntable Pils by Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cheddar Broccoli by Other Half Brewing Company, M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale by Old Nation Brewing Co., Mind To Devour by Transient Artisan Ales, Lazurite by WarPigs Brewpub, Chemical Connection by More Brewing Co., Taters by Other Half Brewing Company, French Toast Double Brown Ale by Funky Buddha Brewery, Bio-Mimicry by Speciation Artisan Ales, Vlad The Second with Vanilla Beans (2017) by Hailstorm Brewing Co., and Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout (2017) by Stone Brewing to round out the show.

Also discussed was Tubby's trip to Michigan, Heineken and Lagunitas bought shares of Shorts Brewing, Ozzy Osborne is now in the wine game, the rest of the band members of Nickelback don't even like Chad Kroeger, the guys debate who's worse - Gene Simmons vs. Chad Kroeger?, and who has the worst signature - Ozzy Osborne vs. Michael J. Fox?, if you had to pick one which would you pick - Kiss concert vs. Nickelback concert?, pizza from Chicago, Brooklyn Brewers, 21st amendment, and Funkwerks join distribution forces, Great Taste vs. Screw City, beer can improve your memory, G5 Brewing Company coming to Beloit, WI, and the guys take a call from Manny. All that and much more!

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