Beer With Friends Podcast - Fat Tire Collaborations

July 14, 2016 @ 9:45 pm

Dreem2Reality Entertainment proudly presents the Beer With Friends Podcast, pre-recorded from the D2R Studios!

On today's show: Eric is joined by his co-host Chuck, and of course, Producer Ryan for the Beer With Friends Podcast! Today's focus is New Belgium Brewing Company - Fat Tire collaboration beers!!

The guys try Exiled Angel by Scorched Earth Brewing Company to start the show, then, the guys try Fat Tire, Fat Pale Ale (Rhinegeist Brewery collaboration), Fat Wild Ale (Avery collaboration), Fat Sour Apple Ale (Hopworks collaboration), Fat Hoppy Ale (Firestone Walker collaboration), Fat Funk Ale (Allagash collaboration) all by New Belgium Brewing Company, and Sam Vs Unicorn by Pipeworks Brewing Company to round out the show!

Also in this episode: the guys discuss music as usual, Ryan's beer haul from Chicago, a Star Wars geek out moment (including a Star Wars SPOILER at around the 53 minute mark), a round of What's Everybody Been Drinking, a Brews In the News segment featuring Bud Light vs. the Lambee Tribe, and a call-in from Dennis. All that and much more!

This podcast is intended for listeners 21+. Please drink responsibly and enjoy the show!

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