Beer With Friends Podcast - LIVE at Pig Minds Brewing (Part Two)

June 19, 2015 @ 7:57 pm

Dreem2Reality Entertainment proudly presents the Beer With Friends Podcast, pre-recorded from Pig Minds Brewery!

On today's show: Eric is joined by his co-hosts Dennis, Chuck, Cory, Brewmaster Dustin, as well as producer Ryan for the Beer With Friends Podcast! Today's focus, once again, is Pig Minds Brewery beers.

The guys try HappiDaze, Say!Son!, Vanilla Bitch Slap, Sweep The Leg, Joe Daddy, and the "Beer From The Cellar" - Barrel Aged Squeal & Deal by Pig Minds Brewing.

Other topics discussed is lots more Pig Minds info straight from the Brewmaster himself, as well as the beard shaving bet payoff between the Eric and Cory, the process of naming beers, a Screw City Beer Festival ticket plead, and then the guys try some of the amazing food from the Pig Minds Brewery vegan menu, and much more!!

This podcast is intended for listeners 21+. Please drink responsibly and enjoy the show!

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