D2R-2: Episode 13 (Happy Swayze Crazy Halloween)

October 30, 2013 @ 8:21 am

On today's show: Ryan, Jamie, Dani, and Jon start the show by doing their best gun sound impressions! Then, they jump right into a heated debate of whether women should get 2 paid days off work each month for their period, and should women be in the workplace or at home in the kitchen? Then, they transition into service dogs on airplanes, punishing children in public, and some fun skipping school stories. But, the fun doesn't end there! The gang then discusses the possibility of Bigfoot, aliens, Nessie, M.I.B., Leprechauns, and ghosts being real. And finally, the show wraps up with a couple creepy ghost stories. A jam-packed show that's sure to prep you for Halloween!!

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