D2R-2: Episode 17 (Turkey’s Started The Novembeard)

November 27, 2013 @ 3:23 pm

On today's show: The whole gang is back in studio!! Ryan, Jamie, Dani, and Jon are talking Thanksgiving feasts to start out the show. The discussion then morphs into a new segment for Jamie, with its own lil theme and everything! Then, they get into some Black Friday talk, Jamie getting attacked by turkey's and a separate incident where he was nearly killed by a gaggle of geese, couponers and strategy shoppers, Medieval Times, LARPing, and then the big finale - a Thanksgiving Taste Testing!! Here's the kicker: everyone has an item they love and a item they hate, but they all have to try each item together, and let's just say, it got ugly...real quick!! You don't wanna miss this Thanksgiving Celebration of the D2R Podcast Crew!!

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