D2R-2: Episode 30 (Hockey Fights & Paper Mache Sex Dolls)

March 13, 2014 @ 9:33 am

On today's show: Ryan, Jon and Dani are in studio and via Skype from the comfort of his warm bed, Jamie starts the show by talking about preparing to move to his old stomping grounds and having a painting party, as well as updating everyone on his stand-up comedy adventure. Then, the gang talks about why there's fighting in hockey, homemade paper mache sex dolls, a guy who hasn't bathed in over 60 years, Macy's selling airplanes, Google Glasses, and then the crew picks the product they would be the spokesperson for if they could have their choice. The show ends with a special song that's going to sound familiar but is a reinvention of a wildly popular song from the 90's. Enjoy!!

P.S. Today is Jamie's birthday, so send him some birthday love to his twitter account @J_Martin1384!!

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