D2R-2: Episode 31 (Sex In The Champagne Room?)

March 19, 2014 @ 5:34 am

On today's show: Ryan is joined in studio by a man named Ray, who's full identity can't be revealed due to the in depth stories and information produced in this intriguing interview. Ray, a former Manager, VIP Coordinator, DJ, Doorman, and Bouncer of multiple famous strip clubs from the St. Louis area gets put under the microscope by Ryan's interrogation, revealing anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the strip club industry. Topics include: tipping, all strippers being single moms and going to school, strippers that just can't give up the lifestyle, drug usage, lap dances, VIP rooms, porn stars, happy endings, taking home a stripper, stalkers, weirdos, and jealous boyfriends, what really happens in champagne rooms, celebrities, big spenders, the most outrageous things witnessed in strip clubs, and a shit ton more!!! If you've ever been curious about the strip club industry or just want to be wildly entertained by some of the craziest stories, then check this episode out!!! You won't be disappointed.


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