D2R-2: Episode 36 (Independent Ear - Part 3)

May 7, 2014 @ 10:19 pm

On today's show: Joining Ryan and Jon in studio is Sixteen S's Podcast co-host, Dave Block, as well as special guests, Phillip Ryan Block, the Founder and CEO of Independent Ear Productions, and iEP one-man band, Eric McKinney from Crash The Lights!! In part 3, a winner has been decided in the iEP Compilation Album artwork contest, we learn about the iEP summer internship opportunities, the iEP monthly newsletter is discussed, BIG news that iEP is now officially incorporated, iEP has it's first artists' music being pressed in vinyl and t-shirts are now available!! Also, a challenge has been made to all listeners, by Phillip Ryan Block, and you will definitely wanna get in on the fun for this one! You can win free music by completing this super simple challenge!!! We also get to learn a lot about Eric from Crash The Lights - we find out where he's from, how he came up with his band name, what his original musical instrument was and then how he became a one-man band, and then we break down his upcoming Midwest and East coast tour!! And, of course, Eric WOWs the guys in studio with his catchy acoustic songs performed LIVE in studio, including a Dave Matthews Band cover!!

This is the D2R Podcast's third "Must Hear" episode of season 2!! So sit back, pop in your earbuds and enjoy!!


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