D2R-2: Episode 37 (Double T)

May 14, 2014 @ 6:53 am

On today's show: Ryan, Dave, and Jon welcome a familiar voice from Rockford's one and only rock radio station, Terry "Double T" Turen!! The show starts with Double T roasting the guys a bit before Ryan clears the air about he and Dave's appearances on the Stone and Double T Show. Then, Double T dishes on his favorite guests and interviews, his first concert as well as his favorite concerts, and he gives us his Craigslist Item of the Day! Then, they talk Wing Ding 2014, why they changed the events name in years past, this year's band lineup, and then Double T sets the score straight about the Easter Keg controversy. Additional topics discussed are the Cubs spring training, tattoos, how Double T got his nickname, Rockford baseball with Ryan exposing a never before heard secret about Marinelli Field and what's buried there, and then WWE and WrestleMania 30 is briefly discussed as well.

But that's not all, just when you think the interview is over and you hear Wayland playing the guys out, stay tuned because some additional rough audio cut from the main podcast is played but with a disclaimer: there were some slight mic issues so the audio is a little rough, but it's still worth hearing as Double T talks about how he got into radio, becoming Stone's sidekick, and taking on morning radio!!

This description doesn't even give the tip of the iceberg that is this episode. Sit back, pop in your earbuds, and enjoy Double T like you've never heard him before!!


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