D2R-2: Episode 38 (Wayland)

May 25, 2014 @ 9:57 am

On today's show: Ryan is joined by guest co-host Dave as they interview the guys from the band Wayland!! Wayland is playing LIVE at Wing Ding in Rockford, IL today, May 25, 2014. But, the interview went down at Murphy's Pub & Grill on Friday night. They talk about touring, their new single Get A Little, rituals before a show, their Warrior fans, pranks, and what they miss about being home as well as much more!! Check them out today at Wing Ding at the Rockford Speedway or when they swing back through town in the coming months!! Much thanks to Wayland for coming on the podcast and a special thanks to Double T from WXRX for hooking up the guys with the interview. Enjoy!

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