D2R-2: Episode 40 (I Didn’t Eat A Bag of Dicks)

June 4, 2014 @ 5:12 am

On behalf of Ryan, he would like to thank everyone who's listened, subscribed, rated, reviewed, and supported the D2R Podcast in the first 2 seasons. There have been ups and downs, good and bad episodes, as well as many format and staffing changes which have occurred since D2R's inception in September 2012. But, Ryan promises things will continue to get better and his plan is to keep putting out audio entertainment for the listeners in Season 3, and hopes you will continue your support by spreading the word!! Thanks again to everyone and you'll hear the D2R Crew return in Season 3!!!


On today's show: Ryan is joined by his original co-host Jamie, in studio! That's right, Jamie has officially returned to the podcast after a few month sabbatical. Ryan gets Jamie to dish on how his stand-up gig is going as well as any upcoming shows. Then, Ryan gets right to the nitty gritty and asks Jamie to explain to the listeners why he hasn't been on the D2R Podcast in such a long time. After that, Jamie drops a bomb by announcing his intentions to start his own podcast, the clever name he has for it, and what the podcast will entail. Then, Jamie talks birds and the phobia he's discovered he has. After that, the guys talk about the new Godzilla movie which leads into a discussion about Batman, dating way back from the TV show all the way up through the current film starring Ben Affleck as Batman. Within the discussion, they take on casting their own Batman movie which leads into the creation of a new podcast that will be debuting in Season 3 of the D2R Podcast! Then, to wrap up the show, Ryan gets back to the nitty gritty and asks Jamie what his future with the D2R Podcast will be. Is Jamie returning for Season 3 or is Jamie throwing in his D2R towel for good? You'll have to listen to find out!

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