D2R Podcast - Episode 17 (Royal Rumble Special)

January 27, 2013 @ 6:57 am

In this WWE Royal Rumble themed episode, Ryan and Jamie welcome MikeMac Masunas to the show to dissect 2013's first major PPV event. The show starts with a rundown of the event card, match discussions, and predictions. Then a rundown of the actual "Rumble" match gets discussed with officially announced entrants, possible surprise entrants, and then predictions on who will win the Rumble and why. Then, the guys dissect with a fine-tooth comb the main event, The Rock vs. CM Punk. It becomes clear this is the most anticipated and controversial match for the WWE in a long time. Predictions are also given for this match. Who will win? Listen to see who the guys think will win and then watch WWE's Royal Rumble on PPV to see how they scored!!

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