D2R Podcast - Episode 23

March 20, 2013 @ 10:21 am

On today's show, Ryan & Jamie cover some odd stories in the news as well as fill out the first 2 rounds of brackets for the March Madness tournament. Then they discuss the first seven episodes of AMC's  The Walking Dead - Season 2, and they conduct the long awaited beer interview with world renowned beer enthusiast, Dustin Harvey!! Ryan plays Cozmiz Cloudz in his music spotlight & MikeMac Masunas reviews Sinister in his movie review; Jamie can't think of a joke so Ryan introduces a new segment called Amazon Item of the Week where Ryan's Amazon item of the week is The Walking Dead - Original Soundtrack Vol. 1. You can purchase The Walking Dead soundtrack by going to www.d2rpodcast.com and clicking the Amazon banner on the Support The Show tab, then type in "The Walking Dead Soundtrack" and add the item to your cart!! Available for purchase is the physical CD or the MP3 version which is a little cheaper. Thanks for helping out the D2R Podcast by going to d2rpodcast.com and clicking the Amazon banner, thanks for listening, and be sure to tell a friend to check us out as well!!!

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