D2R Podcast - Episode 31 (Jamie’s Top 10)

May 1, 2013 @ 8:12 am

In the very first episode of the D2R Podcast, Ryan conducted an in-depth interview with Jamie and since then the listeners have gotten to learn a lot more about Jamie in numerous episodes, but you haven't heard Jamie's whole story yet! On today's show, Ryan hosts his co-host Jamie on a special musical edition of the D2R Podcast. We get to learn a little more about Jamie through his favorite songs and why they are his favorite songs!! This was very difficult for Jamie to do so he will have additional Top 10 Lists in the future. But, on today's show, some artists included in Jamie's Top 10 are Pink Floyd, KoRn, and NWA to name a few!! Check it out and tell a friend!!

All songs can be purchased in iTunes or by going to http://d2rpodcast.com, Support The Show tab, and then clicking the Amazon banner where you can purchase MP3 versions of the songs and help out the D2R Podcast at the same time!

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