D2R Podcast - Episode 6

October 18, 2012 @ 9:30 am

In Episode 6, Ryan and Jamie welcome to the studio Jamie's older brother Big Miles, who is one of the D2R Podcast's sports analysts for the show. Big Miles covers the MLB Playoffs and gives his World Series prediction as well as touches on the NBA, NFL, and NHL in a special World of Sports segment. The trio also cover top news stories including a live update of the extreme skydive jump as it happened on October 14, 2012. Jamie hits us with a joke and covers House of A Thousand Corpses in his movie review. The trio then go off on a discussion about what the best sequel to a movie is when there was only 2 movies in the series. A temporary winner was chosen but they left it up to the listeners to email their thoughts on the matter. Ryan's music spotlight is Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton. The show ends with a sneak preview of what to expect during the big Halloween special podcast coming soon to end the show.

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