D2R Podcast (Season 3, Episode 12) - Roadside Olympics

November 19, 2014 @ 6:32 am

On today's show: Ryan hosts an all new episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio with his co-hosts Dani, Jon, and Ray.


Ryan starts the show by announcing they will be taste testing the different beers that were in the green room fridge. A few stories of piss-beer drinkers are told and then the beer tasting commences. The first grouping of beers are tasted, analyzed, and set in order of drinkability to the tune of fun discussion about each beer.

After the break, the final 3 beers are tasted amongst uproarious conversation including a story Ryan tells about a beer-related documentary he filmed several years ago and Dani has a sneezing fit to the hilarious pleasure of the guys. After that, a major announcement is made about a local craft brewery discussed in prior season of the D2R Podcast, Carlyle Brewing Co. The crew struggles with the ranking of the beers as they head into the break.

The final segment starts with Jon presenting another Oreo flavor to Ryan's displeasure. The upcoming Oreo taste test is briefly mentioned before the beer rankings continue into an all-out argument. Then, more local breweries are discussed including an embarrassing incident when Jon ordered a Mike's Hard Lemonade at Carlyle Brewing Co. The beers are officially ranked and Dani brings up a news story involving a 7 year old child who was ticketed for driving a golf cart on the beach with his mother sitting in the passenger seat. And, to round out the episode, some fun DUI stories are discussed!


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