D2R Podcast (Season 3, Episode 13) - FMKBFEw/K

November 26, 2014 @ 8:11 am

On today's show: Ryan hosts an all new episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio with his co-hosts Dani, Jon, and Ray.


Ray starts the show by announcing that they are 13 episodes in and Jon still doesn't have a nickname. The gang decides that the listeners should decide Jon's nickname and are encouraged to email D2RPodcast@gmail.com with your suggestions! Then, Ryan announces they will be playing a game on today's show. The game is called Fuck, Marry, Kill but Ryan has changed it up slightly by adding Best Friend and Ex with Kids to the mix. But first, they all talk some Rockford IceHog hockey which transitions into a Waffle House discussion where Ryan tells a story about the time he felt the wrath of racism at a Waffle House.

After the break, the gang starts the game with Ryan getting things going with the cast of The Big Bang Theory as their choices. Each contestant gets a round of their own and everybody has to answer.

The final segment rounds out the show with a controversial final round of FMKBFEw/K presented by Ryan and a special presentation of the history of Thanksgiving!


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