D2R Podcast (Season 3, Episode 15) - Independent Ear: Part 7 “iEP Updates”

December 10, 2014 @ 5:03 pm

On today's show: Ryan hosts an all new episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio with his co-hosts Dani and Jon.

The shows starts with a certain co-host being hungover and the discussion about drinking and getting older not mixing. The gang tries to figure out how to "kill Jon off" the podcast before discussing Thanksgiving dinner and then Jon complains about having to go into work Thanksgiving night. The segment ends with a fun discussion about not being able to salt the driveway and mowing designs in the grass.

WHOA!TIGER - Three Coins studio version is played.

After the break, Phillip Ryan Block from Independent Ear joins the gang in studio to discuss the signing of the band L.A. Knights, First Turn returning to the Rockford area over the next 5 days for a handful of shows including 1 this Friday night at Kryptonite, and the launch of the new Independent Ear website and how they are creating street teams across the U.S. and world. Phillip Ryan Block tells how YOU can join or start your own local Independent Ear street team! Clifton Derrell has a new album dropping Jan. 15 and Ryan plays the hot new single from that album.


Clifton Derrell - Come Up Track studio version is played.

Then, the announcement that Clifton Derrell himself will be on the podcast in January around the release of his new album. Phillip Ryan Block announces officially that the band Toy Sparrows has signed a deal with iEP, and then the overall iEP family of bands and artists is discussed. After that, Phillip Ryan Block talks about the new Saturday morning radio show featuring mostly iEP artists and bands from around the area and then announces what everyone can look forward to in 2015 from Independent Ear. Also announced is the iEP artists and bands you can be looking forward to be featured on the D2R Podcast in 2015!!

Sun Whiskey and The Asteroid - Lexapro studio version is played.

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