D2R Podcast (Season 3, Episode 28) - The 100th Episode

March 25, 2015 @ 7:14 am

On today's show: Ryan hosts an all new episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio with his co-hosts Dani, Jon, Dave, Ray, and Jamie.

The show starts with Ryan introducing what he considers to be his co-host heavy hitters for the very special 100th episode! Ryan puts Jamie on the spot to discuss his experiences with the D2R Podcast from the very beginning right up to today. Then, Jon talks about being nervous to getting drunk and then really lost in his experiences on the podcast. And after that, Dani gets her turn to discuss her thoughts on the D2R crew and everything she's learned from them. Then, Dave speaks his mind on what it was like going from a guest to a fill-in co-host to getting his own podcast on the D2R Network. And then, last but not least, Ray discusses going from the unpaid camera operator to an unpaid on-air talent. After a ton a fun and hilarious stories by everyone, Ryan leads the crew into a "Would You Rather" discussion and it's by far, the most revealing episode for every D2R crew member to date! And then, to round out the show, one member of the D2R crew bids farewell to the D2R Podcast crew and listeners. Enjoy!

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