D2R Podcast (Season 3, Episode 9) - Get Your Shit Together, People!

October 29, 2014 @ 5:46 am

On today's show: Ryan hosts an all new episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio with his co-hosts Dani and Jon.

Today is another very special birthday episode - this time it's Jon's birthday!! After Jon downplays birthday presents and celebrations, Dani discusses her top 5 places to get coffee, and most everyone that knows Dani will be shocked by her top 3. After that, Ryan remembers what it was like being a personal assistant. Then, some of the trio's favorite smells are discussed, as well as Jon's adventures in snorting pixie stix as a child, and Dani's one and only experience cleaning up Ryan's puke. You also get to hear the story behind what caused Ryan to puke in the first place.

Danny Fox - May Be The Truth About Love studio version is played.

Then, Jon is presented his birthday treat and Dani presents some news stories covering topics such as the NFL's Ray Rice incident, Roger Goodell, and the Adrian Peterson incident.

Crash The Lights - Champion studio version is played.

Then, the news continues with Ryan's final thoughts on the NFL controversies before they get into the gray area between child abuse and parenting, Donald Sterling and his NBA franchise, as well as a brief discussion on racism. Happy birthday Jon!

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