Face Vs. Heel - Payback

June 11, 2014 @ 2:56 pm

On today's show: Mike (the Face) and Ryan (the Heel) talk Payback. Ryan breaks down what it was like being at the event and Mike breaks down his experience watching at home on the WWE Network. Additional topics discussed on today's show are:

- WWE Network's looping issues during live "special events" and the awesome original programming

- Vince McMahon's $750 million dollar loss in 1 day

- Daniel Bryan's injury, title run, giving up the title, and then coming back post-injury to regain the title

- Brie Bella quitting as well as her and Stephanie McMahon's feud

- CM Punk and AJ Lee's wedding and why there haven't been any updates

- Ryan drops the 411 on how to find Lana's topless screen caps from a movie she was in pre-WWE

- Bluetista and his film Guardians of the Galaxy

- Batcast coming soon to D2R season 3 with a guest appearance from Masunas himself

- Seth Rollin's heel turn, joining Evolution and turning on The Shield

- Ryan gives a little tidbit of what you see live and in-person compared to what you see on TV concerning the ring itself

- FVH Prediction game rules and why specifically the rule of last minute matches being added are necessary and count for bonus points

And in between all that, the guys break down each match from Payback!!

You don't wanna miss this episode...Good times!

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