Face Vs. Heel - Royal Rumble Recap

February 2, 2015 @ 1:24 pm

Ryan hosts an all new Face Vs. Heel episode from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio.

On today's show: Mike (the Face) was unable to join Ryan (the Heel), but instead joining Ryan is Jared (the Rankings Guy) and current FVH Prediction Champion to recap the Royal Rumble and discuss the state of the WWE, post-Royal Rumble and heading into Fast Lane and WrestleMania 31. The guys discuss if Vince McMahon is out of touch, the Divas division, Roman Reigns not being ready to main event WM31, what happens with Heyman if Lesnar leaves, NXT events and why they're so much better than RAW, WWE's creative writing team being to large, old school guys coming back for one more match, a heated debate over booing The Rock at Royal Rumble, speculating the booking of WM31, and then the guys finally recap Royal Rumble match-by-match including what WWE did wrong with the Rumble match itself and what they should have done differently and would have been more satisfying for everyone, plus much more! Check it out! The Authority has spoken.

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