Face Vs. Heel - Wrestlemania 30

April 9, 2014 @ 9:35 am

On today's show: Mike (the Face) and Ryan (the Heel) talk WrestleMania 30. Ryan tells what it was like hanging out in New Orleans leading up to WrestleMania, meeting wrestlers, and just being there. Then, the guys jump into the actual Wrestlemania event getting Mike's at home experience versus Ryan's live experience. They break down each match in great detail and then they break down the FVH Prediction Championship Title game that's become so popular on the Face Vs. Heel group page on facebook. For those of you interested in playing, Ryan breaks down the rules for you. Then, the guys give their final thoughts and Ryan gives a special tribute to the Ultimate Warrior. R.I.P.

You don't wanna miss this episode, especially if you're a current fan or have ever been a fan of wrestling!! Good times!

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