Sixteen S’s (Episode 27) - LIVE at Twisted Crypt Haunted House

October 13, 2015 @ 7:40 am

The D2R Podcast proudly presents Season 2 of Sixteen S's Podcast, pre-recorded from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio!

On today's show: The guys are recording LIVE from Twisted Crypt Haunted House where the all new attraction of Dr. Hinge's Creature & Curiosities Exhibit is currently showing. Dave and Ryan are there to check it out, give away some prizes, and hopefully talk to Dr. Hinge himself! Head on down to 5420 E. State St. in Rockford, IL and check out the exhibit yourself. Days and hours of operation are as follows for the entire month of October through November 1st:

Thursday 7pm-10:30pm

Friday 7pm-11:30pm

Saturday 7pm-11:30pm

Sunday 6pm-10pm

It's only $12 to see the exhibit! For more information, search: "Twisted Crypt Productions" on Facebook. Enjoy the eargasms!!

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