Sixteen S’s (Episode 61*)

February 10, 2015 @ 6:47 am

The D2R Podcast proudly presents Sixteen S's Podcast, pre-recorded from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio!

On today's show: The guys start the show by discussing Destination Truth and why those types of shows always fake being surprised and seeing something paranormal which transitions into a brief conversation about media stunts for ratings, specifically concerning a recent television special about a man who agrees to get eaten by a snake. Then, Dave brings up the series finale of Sons of Anarchy and why he hated it. Ryan brings up The Soprano's series finale and they discuss how they would have ended it differently. This opens the flood gates into several more shows series finales or eventual series finales including Burn Notice, The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Event, and more. Dave talks about killing Wyatt Trash off and the guys speculate as to why Hollywood rarely kills off main characters to end a series. After that, Ryan gets pissed at people who whine about Spoiler Alerts and basically tells those pussies to fuck off! The guys round out the show discussing what Hollywood should do for the fans of shows that get cancelled or end prematurely. Enjoy the eargasms!!

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