Sixteen S’s (Episode Andrew Johnson)

June 3, 2014 @ 5:30 am

The D2R Podcast presents Sixteen S's, an all new podcast under the Dreem2Reality Entertainment family.

On today's show: Ryan and Dave conduct a band practice with a focus on singing. On behalf of the guys, apologies must be given right from the start to the listeners! The show starts with Dave singing a couple songs, then Ryan gives it a go and fails miserably, then Dave sings a few more songs, then Ryan gives it a go again and fails even more miserably, then Dave sings a bunch more songs which starts to get Ryan a little frustrated. Then, there's a lot of name-calling and a lot more of Dave singing and Ryan failing miserably, except he does pull off that one song from Titanic pretty well until Dave gets in his head and screws him up. After that, Dave sings even more songs while Ryan tries to get Dave to agree to sing the National Anthem each as a solo and then a duet of a song they both know to wrap the show which turns into Dave singing even more songs which results in Ryan going into a rage and quitting the band! Again, much apologies. You probably won't enjoy the eargasms this episode. But nonetheless, listen anyways! What does the future hold for Rok Bottum and Sixteen S's after Ryan quits?? You'll have to listen to find out...

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