Sixteen S’s (Episode Blue)

April 15, 2014 @ 6:07 am

The D2R Podcast presents Sixteen S's, an all new podcast within the Dreem2Reality Entertainment family.


On today's show: Ryan & Dave discuss a news report about a man who was arrested in a McDonald's drive thru for a the same night. Then, Dave spouts off about "know-it-alls" and how much he despises them. After that, Ryan puts Dave on the spot to divulge how his controversial tattoo got him fired from a job. Then, the show rounds out with another news report about the VP of CrimeStoppers, who was arrested for eating the evidence in court. And last but not least, the guys announce the official podcast email address (, so listeners can begin writing in ideas and scenarios for the guys to act out! And, they announce a contest for all the listeners to enter and win a prize!! Enjoy the eargasms!!


You can expect a new episode of Sixteen S's every Tuesday and Thursday!


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