Sixteen S’s (Episode M)

May 13, 2014 @ 4:13 am

The D2R Podcast presents Sixteen S's, an all new podcast under the Dreem2Reality Entertainment family.


On today's show: Ryan discovers what IPA stands for, Dave's been told he has a "sexy radio voice", Ryan drops a Sixteen S's easter egg, and then lots of beer talk. After that, Dave shows up to work several weeks later looking for a pay check from his previous stint but finds out he's not been employed for a long time. Then, it's more beer talk including hangover and puking stories, Dave's hiding spots for booze as a teenager, hiding spots for our dads and grandfathers porn, and last but not least, Rockford's mayor, Larry Morrissey, is discussed as well as the state of the city of Rockford. Plus, Dave explains for the LAST time what happened during the Morrissey/Block mayoral election and the little controversy that stirred up some drama. Enjoy the eargasms!


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