Sixteen S’s (Episode Martin Van Buren)

April 24, 2014 @ 3:09 pm

The D2R Podcast presents Sixteen S's, an all new podcast under the Dreem2Reality Entertainment family umbrella.


On today's show: Ryan & Dave have breaking news: the lead singer of Gwar has passed away. Well, it was breaking to them at least. Then, we hear about Ryan's first tweet and Dave's first sneeze. After that, the guys channel The Price Is Right for a rousing skit involving a really angry Bob. Then, we find out how much Dave really hates politics and it turns out, Bill Clinton has gotten in to porn?? Then, they discuss tattoos, why Ryan won't ever get one, and Dave recounts a very special tattoo nightmare. After that, the guys push every limit and tackle the newly launched African American Airlines. Please don't sue us. We aren't racist!

Don't forget about the official podcast email address ( So listeners, you can now write in ideas and scenarios for the guys to act out! And, if you email them, you'll win something...probably. Enjoy the eargasms!!


You can expect a new episode of Sixteen S's every Tuesday and Thursday!


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