Sixteen S’s (Episode Not Yet Elected)

February 17, 2015 @ 6:25 am

The D2R Podcast proudly presents Sixteen S's Podcast, pre-recorded from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio!

On today's show: Ryan starts the show with a beer, his first beer on the podcast since Dave quit drinking. Uh oh! Then, Dave gives some sober updates and how his life has changed. After that, Dave gives the Reader's Digest version of what he's written in his book thus far and Ryan talks about the process of writing a story before he turns it into a script. After that, Ryan brings up the messed up pics that have been randomly tagged on their Sixteen S's Podcast Facebook page. The guys briefly discuss before discovering just how obscene, disturbing, and illegal some of the pics actually are and Ryan begins a mission to remove them ASAP! Then, Dave talks about the show Girls on HBO and a specific raunchy nude scene he witnessed recently and Ryan questions the sanity of parents that are "cool" with their child being in porn. This leads into a discussion about weird fetishes. Then, Ryan covers the remaining headlines/news stories the guys never got to in Season 1. The show ends with Ryan reading a list and some confusion between lice and the listeners. Enjoy the eargasms!!

The official podcast email address is You can write in ideas for topics you want the guys to discuss, scenarios, news headlines, your own personal stories, shout-outs to your friends and family, or anything at all, and if you want, the guys will read your email live on the show!

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