Sixteen S’s (Episode Orange)

May 15, 2014 @ 6:49 am

The D2R Podcast presents Sixteen S's, an all new podcast under the Dreem2Reality Entertainment family.


On today's show: Ryan presents a news story involving an astronaut revealing that while on a NASA mission, he witnessed a UFO, which leads into a like/dislike debate between Tom Hanks and Bill Murray, which leads into why Dave is a Cubs fan and Ryan is a Cardinals fan, which leads into drunk mini-putting, which leads back to the possibility of UFO's and aliens being real - yes, that's how the actual conversation goes. Then, Ryan gives Dave a lesson in science which leads into Dave believing in miracles and Ryan trying to debunk them. Then, Dave gets a text from a listener provoking an F-bomb tirade and a challenge for the next episode - no swearing!! As a listener, you won't wanna miss it because you could win something by participating in the Dave Will Not Swear Challenge, next episode. Enjoy the eargasms!


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