Sixteen S’s (Episode Quadruple Blue)

January 27, 2015 @ 3:49 pm

The D2R Podcast proudly presents Sixteen S's Podcast!

On today's show: As promised, the show starts with Dave talking about what he has planned for his proposal in Chicago. Then, Ryan tells his proposal story from St. Louis. After that, Ryan breaks down all of the stats of listenership including which countries, states, platforms, etc are listening. But then, the guys are confused as to why no listeners participate by writing, tweeting, messaging, posting, or calling in when they can clearly see that people are listening. It gets a little heavy in the studio with the guys going from confused to begging to pissed to bribing and then back to begging. If you listen, just write in already! Enjoy the eargasms!!

The official podcast email address is You can write in ideas for topics you want the guys to discuss, scenarios, news headlines, your own personal stories, shout-outs to your friends and family, or anything at all, and if you want, the guys will read your email live on the show!

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