Sixteen S’s (Season 2 - Episode Tano)

April 28, 2015 @ 10:44 am

The D2R Podcast proudly presents Season 2 of Sixteen S's Podcast, pre-recorded from the Dreem2Reality Entertainment Studio!

On today's show: The guys start the show by talking about some of the things they've pre-purchased from their upcoming lawsuit settlement! Then, Ryan presents a con to rip off strippers and Dave explains why he hates strip clubs. After that, the guys discuss what they did for St. Patrick's Day and they contemplate the possible day, time, or place Dave might crack on remaining sober. Then, Ryan comments on Dave's giant red beard and Dave complains about being super white after a long winter of being indoors. After that, Ryan talks about the new show called Stranded and Dave rounds out the show with his Urban Dictionary "Word of the Day." Enjoy the eargasms!!

Podcast Disclaimer (as advised by Lou Pohl from the unAmerican Law Firm): This is for entertainment purposes only. You can't sue us because we have a sense of humor and you don't. Thanks. 

The official podcast email address is You can write in ideas for topics you want the guys to discuss, scenarios for them to act out, news headlines, your own personal stories, shout-outs to your friends and family, or anything at all. And if you want, the guys will read your email live on the show!

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