The Experiment - Episode Thirty Three

April 22, 2020 @ 4:00 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents The Experiment.

On today's show: Ryan and Steve start the show by taking a call from Miss Apple, then Eddy, and then Shane. They continue their discussion about what most people use to clean themselves in the shower: a loofah, a bar of soap, a wash cloth, or hand lather. Steve continues to try and sway everyone away from loofahs with his weird spider theory. The guys refer back to the movie contest segment which was fit in during a phone call, where they re-enacted a line from a movie and now you, the listener, get to call in and leave a voicemail with your guess of the movie the line is from. If your guess is correct and you are the first caller to do so, you will get a prize from the schwag bag!! Niiice!!

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