The Rock Vegas Podcast - Jumping On The SNL Bandwagon

March 28, 2017 @ 12:17 pm

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents The Rock Vegas Podcast.

On today's show: Ryan and Dave host today's ninety forth episode. The guys start the show by discussing how Dave does his homework while high before another "Cash Me Ousside Girl" rant. Then, Dave explains why he has jumped on the SNL bandwagon and after that, Dave presents a couple Post Secrets about not cheating and a girl who masturbates with her moms toothbrush. Then, Ryan presents an Interesting Fact about belly button lint and the guys ponder Who Would Win? between a Book vs. a Movie Based On a Book. Last but not least, the guys discuss the Amazon TV show, Manhattan, before a round of the Awkward Questions game. Enjoy the eargasms!

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