The Rock Vegas Podcast - Later Nipple Man!

December 13, 2016 @ 6:40 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment proudly presents The Rock Vegas Podcast, pre-recorded in the D2R Studios!

On today's show: The bodacious duo of Ryan and Dave host today's sixty eighth episode with special guest Joy. The guys start the show with some cigar talk, a mention of Fidel Castro dying, Dave's cigar company idea and Ryan's coffee company idea. Then, the trio play Craigslist Price Is Right with some very special contestants. After that, Dave reads a Post Secret about murder/suicide and then another about faith. Then, a familiar character is back in the news, this time, the infamous blow-up doll-fetish-guy is in trouble again, but this time for excessively rubbing his nipples in public at a woman who is less than impressed. The show rounds out with Ryan introducing Dave and Joy to the mannequin challenge. Enjoy the eargasms!

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