The Rock Vegas Podcast - LGBTQIE

December 5, 2016 @ 10:31 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment proudly presents The Rock Vegas Podcast, pre-recorded in the D2R Studios!

On today's show: The bodacious duo of Ryan and Dave host today's sixty fifth episode. Ryan starts off the show announcing that his kid claims he is a zombie hunter and killed Santa Claus. Dave complains about being sick, tells the story about his dog's paw getting cut, and the death of a family member that has bogged down his life recently. After that, Ryan tries to pick up Dave's mood by presenting a news story about eco-sexuals and the guys play a clip from an interview with one of these "people." This leads into a rant by both guys about how and what people "identify" as and how now the acronym is LGBTQIE and it's becoming a bit too much to handle. All that and more in this episode. Enjoy the eargasms!

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