The Rock Vegas Podcast - Twisted Crypt Haunted House

October 3, 2017 @ 5:23 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents The Rock Vegas Podcast.

On today's show: Ryan and Dave host today's one hundred thirty seventh episode! The guys start the show by discussing their recent visit to Twisted Crypt Haunted House, one of the top haunted houses in Illinois, as well as the history of the haunted house. Then, Dave interviews Crusty The Clown and Boris, two odd characters that aren't getting paid but always seem to show up, who can be found hanging around in front of the haunted house to greet and mess with all comers! After that, the guys discuss their favorite parts of the haunt, read some reviews, and watch some teaser videos of Twisted Crypt, past and present. Be sure and check out Twisted Crypt Haunted House this Halloween season at 5420 E. State St., Rockford, IL 61108 every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm-11:30pm and Sunday night from 7pm-10:30pm now through Halloween night, with a special Twisted Darkness Glow Stick Night on Halloween night from 7pm-10:30pm. Admission is $12. And don't forget to tell Crusty and Boris that "Ryan and Dave at The Rock Vegas Podcast sent you." You might just get some "extra special" treatment! Enjoy the eargasms!

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