Think Tank Podcast - Aquarius Fire Protection Systems

October 26, 2016 @ 5:25 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment proudly presents the Think Tank Podcast, pre-recorded from the D2R Studios!

On today's show: Joining Ryan in studio is Dave, Joy, and special guest Branden DeWitt. Branden is in studio to discuss his company, Aquarius Fire Protection Systems, that he hopes will create a whole new industry for preventing fires! He's a former Marine of 5+ years, a carpenter, and a winner of a fast-pitch competition in Rockford's version of Shark Tank. Branden breaks the whole concept down - how he came up with the idea, how it works, why it's the most innovative and effective way to put out and prevent fires, the comparison between FireIce vs. Class A Foam, etc. It's an amazing concept that blew Ryan, Dave and Joy's minds and left everyone asking, how has this not been thought of already? Want your mind blown too? Check out this amazingly, inspiring episode and share it with everyone you know! To contact Branden for more information and/or to become an investor, email him at Enjoy!

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