Think Tank Podcast - Quarantine Code

March 30, 2020 @ 4:00 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents the Think Tank Podcast.

On today's show: Ryan and Dave host! The guys break down the Coronavirus and the quarantine that is having it's effects on people everywhere including celebrities and their strange and coded social media messages, as well as the continued Mainstream Media hyping of the severity of the virus in comparison to the actual active cases, deaths, and recovered cases. Ryan also continues the breakdown of the rumored secret military operation that could be using the Coronavirus as a cover to complete it's mission to take down the Deep State and bad apples in Hollywood and poses the Q uestion - what if this whole secret military operation isn't actually happening and it is a Deep State attack on humanity, then what? Prepare a tall glass of water, take a few red pills and continue down the rabbit hole for this epic episode. Enjoy!

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