Think Tank Podcast - SecureTeam Strangeness

April 11, 2018 @ 5:00 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents the Think Tank Podcast.

On today's show: Ryan welcomes Dave in studio for a discussion about some recent videos Tyler from SecureTeam10 has uploaded including one about the Space X rocket launch feed being cut right beofre the rocket enters space and the possibility of NASA hiding something, another about a silent ghost plane flying over the UK but not emitting any sound and appearing only as a shadowy black plane-like object in the sky, and another yet of the creepy voicemail message that's gone viral on the internet that some speculate it's a message from Stephen Hawking from the other side, other people receiving similar voicemails in the days since the original was released and the oddness of all that, and the prediction of the Apocalypse in exactly 1 week from today's release. Never fear though, the guys dissect each video and dig into the facts and well, you gotta listen to find out what they come up with. Enjoy!

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