Think Tank Podcast - Wayfair Human Trafficking Ring

July 13, 2020 @ 4:00 am

Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents the Think Tank Podcast.

On today's show: Ryan and Dave host! The guys start the show by discussing the recent news that broke late last week concerning e-commerce stores like Wayfair, as well as Amazon and ebay, among others, that are allegedly selling and trafficking missing children via their online stores under the disguise of extremely high priced cabinets, throw pillows, pictures, side tables, desks, and other mundane items. Sound like a bunch of b.s. to you? Well, the guys break it all down, including the product names that coincidentally match missing children's names, the product sku numbers that when entered into search engines return soft child porn, sku numbers that when typed in as coordinates on Google Maps sends you to Epstein's island, and many, many more. But remember, it's all coincidental. Even Wayfair has come out and said the extremely high prices are accurate, and that there was no glitch involved. They've also removed all of the products from their sites since this story broke, to adjust the product descriptions to accurately explain the high prices. So, have a listen and decide for yourself. How many coincidences can you stomach before it becomes mathematically impossible to actually be a coincidence? Enjoy!

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